to provide dedicated efforts to achieve quick and smart game changer solutions in state of the art applications.


3-F SOFTWARE foundation stone was laid, when Citibank Zurich manager asked us to continue and complete the project we were working on, in a offshore model from mumbai. This was as early as 1995. After the completion of project all of us went to US and then 3-F SOFTWARE was dormant except for individual consulting opportunities for some.

Return of key players of 3-F SOFTWARE post 2003 era helped 3-F SOFTWARE undergo another morphosis and is poised to take the next leap. The core focus being technology and innovation.

Today 3-F SOFTWARE is engaged in following domain and technology areas:

1. Cloud - mostly Salesforce and Amazon EC2 but keeping a watch on other technologies as well.

2. Helping comitydesigns - a Salesforce partner company to build India team.

3. HIPAA - recently helped a startup reach is release 1 for backup recovery solution using Amazon Cloud

4. Capital Markets (solution architecting)
a. High Frequency trading
b. Freud detection
c. Complex Event processing

5. Localized search - online Yellow Pages

6. We are actively looking at:
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